To continue a comfortable, trouble free, and energy efficient plumbing, heating and cooling season we recommend regular maintenance for you’re equipment. In so many cases we witness the old adage “Out of site out of mind” when it comes to the building mechanical systems. Since most of a buildings equipment is either on the roof or in a designated room in the building the owner in some cases never knows it is there until it breaks down.

A Preventative Maintenance Program that A & B offers can provide protection to your investment while ensuring that your system operation is at its peak performance.

We encourage you to call us for a no-obligation visit.

Design Build Projects

We can provide customers with complete design build mechanical for all their projects. We specialize in government projects, schools, warehouses, machine shops, airplane hangers, hydro dams & generating stations, restaurants, office buildings, retail outlets and large residential homes. We will help take your project from the conception stage through to the completion.

Thermal Imaging

We now have the ability to provide thermal imaging. We can provide customers with thermal images of any type of equipment that emits heat. Some examples of what we have done:

  • Hot spots on electrical equipment.
  • Thermal imaging of in-floor tubing through concrete to identify locations of lines.
  • Heat loss through various wall types